I am really looking forward to Spider-Gwen coming out so had to have a go at her awesome design myself.

Updating my profile photo

I was intrigued by The Morrigan when I first saw her face on the cover solicit for Issue 3 and having now read said issue, I think she has over taken Luci as my favourite WicDiv character.

Everyone should go check out heikala, Received my postcards from her give away today and they are beautiful.


Finally got round to drawing my Batgirl fan art. Loved drawing the boots!

Hey my batgirl got posted over at the Batgirl of Burnside tumblr go check out all the other awesome fan art over there

Finally got round to drawing the AWESOME new Batgirl costume from babsdraws and cameron-stewart



Hi everyone! To celebrate getting 10k followers and to thank you for supporting me, I am hosting a giveaway!

There will be TWO winners! One will win a signed 12x17” Giclee Print of my Water Bearer illustration. The other will win a copy of Ritzy Roulette (signed by me and Miranda Yeo)!

I wanna win some pretty artwork

This has ceased to be a comic and has just become a journal of what I am doing, which isn’t bad I guess that’s kinda what the comic was meant to be. But off that off-topic topic, I am trying to improve my drawing skills before I attempt to make any new arts because every time I try and draw I wish I had just not tried because I feel awful about what I have drawn. I am happy with my faces but they are super duper stiff. I have no natural flow to my characters and poses and anything else I do.

(Off topic again, I think I am posting more now because I have stopped caring about the image I am putting across of myself and just being my self deprecating self, I always read that when talking about yourself you should be confident and positive but I chose to start a project that was all therapy so why not be truthful even if I am saying my drawing skills are not great.)

Back to my point. As with most of what I am doing I am going back to basics as if I have never drawn before. I am learning how to life draw and have been checking out this youtube channel. I literally started today so I don’t know why I said it that way. I am going to try and do some everyday but I won’t be posting as much as I did today.

UPDATE TIME!!! So no real pages today but I wanted to keep the posts coming. I have been going back to basics and trying to get back to life drawing (using www.quickposes.com). Trying to retrain my brain away from the restrictions I put on myself. It is turning out to be way harder than I thought. I think I pretty much forgot how to create structure in my figure drawing. I’m having a lot of fun I am trying to notice all the subtleties  in the poses like how the shoulders lift and fall and the way the spines curve its making me really want to make an illustration. I have always had restrictions on myself when drawing its a practice I like using in my drawings. But the last set just led to me ignoring what I had learnt and only relying on the restrictions. I like the things that are coming out of my sketches lately. The art I have been taking in and I have been watching a lot of animation especially the stuff out of Gobelins, all of it is sooooo good. My favourite at the moment is called One Day, I also really enjoyed In Between. You should check them out.  Well I hope to keep this blog updated and I hope you find something interesting in my strange therapy journey.

All the poses I drew expect the last 2 were from the quick poses website. The last one I made up and the dapper chap I used this as reference.